Vintage Vessel Candle - Punch Bowl Glass


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{ new } Our brand new Vintage Vessel Candle Series is here. As an ode to setting a vintage inspired table and my fondness for sourcing one-off vintage goods, we wanted to bring our candles to life in something that can allow these beautiful vessels the chance to live on. 

We spent weeks sourcing these little punch cups that had lost their punch bowl. I hate seeing certain beautiful + functional pieces just sit there because their original purpose or owner is long gone so our Vintage Vessel series allows their story to continue.

And, these unique little glass punch cups are perfect to use on your table once the candle has burned through too. 

Scents vary, but all of vintage vessel candles are filled with a top-selling fragrance. Each candle is hand-poured in our Atlanta, GA studio and is 100% soy wax. Each candle + vessel is unique and images show are representative of the special punch bowl glass you will receive. 

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