Vintage Quilt


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{VINTAGE} As part of our Vintage Goods section, sourcing Vintage Quilts is a passion of mine. I'm drawn to their hand-crafted nature, being so utilitarian for warmth and using every scrap of fabric on hand to make. These Vintage Quilts provide so much inspiration for the quilts you see in our own line, and from time to time I come across one I can't pass up to include for you in our Vintage Goods shop.

These antique quilts are sourced as they come and individually marked and priced. Please note condition and size may vary. Our selection of patchwork quilts are perfect for layering a quilt on a bed or sofa in your home for a beautiful, treasured look in your home.

QUILT B: 69"x76" in great condition with a beautiful mix of gingham and colors. The back is a pretty range of red/pink stripes. This quilt has many great years left in it.

QUILT C: 86x71" in fair condition this quilt is a beautiful golden yellow with pops of blues and greys. This quilt features a true block pattern with beautiful shapes and colors. The back is a neutral cream and does have some staining.

QUILT D: 88x74" in great condition. This quilt features a beautiful patchwork pattern of red squares and cream florals. Each flower has a unique pattern with a green stem. The back is fully cream.

QUILT E: 72x54" in great condition. This quilt features an adorable red, white + blue border. Each quilt black has unique borders around the squares, which are full of pattern and color. The back is solid cream.

QUILT F: 75x60" in good condition. This quilt features very unique quilt blocks made up of angling shapes in all sorts of colors or patterns. The back is plain cream.

Quilt G: 78x62. This quilt features a beautiful border patterns made up of unique small quilt squares. The red border gives this quilt such a bright pop of color against the mutes blues. The back features a striped pattern.

Please note, Vintage Goods are final purchase and cannot be returned. These pieces may be aged, have chips or cracks or peeling paint due to the nature of their age and use.