Hand Poured Soy Candle in Archive Scent No. 4


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Heirloomed Soy Candle in Archive Scent No 4. features our signature pewter floral pattern. Notes of rose, cedar + pear.

Each of our hand poured candles are handmade by our team in our Atlanta, GA studio. Each hand poured soy candle is 8 oz, and is poured in a classic glass jar with a burn time of about 35 hours.  

Our Archive Candle Collection is inspired by the smell of old books, manilla catalog cards in heavy wooden filing drawers, newspaper clippings and industrial cast iron typewriters that chronicled, filed and kept meticulous notes for us all to learn from. We’ve documented our signature scents & icons within this repository line.

Every candle comes complete with a memory sticker on the back so that you can record a special memory associated with each scented candle, because we truly believe that the whiff of a subtle scent from the past can awaken a deep rooted memory, taking you back to a special moment in time in an instant. It is our hope you create these special memories with our own custom blended, scented candles. 

Pair this candle with the matching tea towel or solid candle, find them here.

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