Vintage Framed Prints


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These vintage framed prints are of Currier & Ives, a popular printing company from the late 1800s + early 1900s. These framed prints depict various lithographs of popular events, landscapes, and cultural events of the time, please see below for detail of each style we have listed. 

These vintage framed prints from Currier & Ives would make for a beautifully curated gallery wall in your home with their vintage colors and unique wooden frames. Each frame measures at 11.5"x16.5" and features and wire on the back for mounting. 

STYLE A: titled "The Sunset Tree"; no caption

STYLE B: titled "American Field Sports"; captioned "A chance for both barrels"

STYLE C: titled "Early Winter"; no caption

STYLE D: titled "A Summer Landscape"; captioned "haymaking"

STYLE E: titled "American Field Sports"; captioned "flush'd"

STYLE F: titled "The Old Farm House"; no caption 

STYLE G: titled "The Farm-Yard in Winter"; no caption

STYLE H: titled "Hunting Fishing and Forest Scenes"; captioned "Shantying, on the lake shore"

STYLE I: titled "Early Spring"; no caption

STYLE J: titled "Winter in the Country"; captioned "Doing Chores"

STYLE K: titled "Returning to the Farm"; no caption

Please note, Vintage Goods are final purchase and cannot be returned. These pieces may be aged, have chips or cracks or peeling paint due to the nature of their age and use.